“Lisa Nemzo is, without a doubt, the real deal.  I had no idea what Polarity Therapy was prior to meeting with her, but I am now a firm believer in energy work, particularly her take on it.  My daughter (13 years old) had suffered from debilitating stomach pain for a good part of her life, and with her recent diagnoses of Failure to Thrive I was in high gear to find a solution to this stomach problem.  Doctors shrugged their shoulders and sent us to specialists.  Specialists sent us to nutritionists.  Nutritionists referred us back to pediatric specialists.  And so it went.

At my wits end with the offerings of traditional medicine (of which I am a fan) I reached out to a friend who is an Acupuncturist.  My friend recommended Lisa, who helped us sort things out and got Lucy on the road back to health.  At our first session Lisa took a comprehensive history of Lucy’s pain, paying particular attention to the emotional aspect of its manifestation.  She then had Lucy do a visualization exercise that allowed her to access this pain as an entity, take control over it, and direct it to move out of her body.  Following this exercise Lisa asked Lucy to lie down on a massage table where she explained the basic premise of energy work and invited Lucy to relax.  She then used her ability to feel and channel energy to open up some of the places in the body where Lucy’s energy was stuck.

The entire process was a little more than an hour and a half long.  By the end I could see a shift in Lucy.  Her skin was pinker, her eyes clearer, and she seemed full of life.  As we left I asked Lucy what she thought, to which she reported “mom, she totally got it”.  Three weeks later the change in Lucy is remarkable.  She has gained four pounds, has much more energy than she did, and she reports having had no stomach pains since that first meeting.  I will be visiting Lisa on my own next week and I plan to bring Lucy back for a follow up in several months.

I can’t recommend Lisa Nemzo highly enough.  If you have any sense that your body and soul need a tune up, make an appointment.”

JP  LMFT  San Francisco, CA



“Working with Lisa gave me a great deal of clarity in a short period of time. I was able to incorporate into my inner being things that I had intellectually known, but hadn’t been able to feel. She helped me open myself to possibilities and dreams. I had forgotten how to dream. Lisa is a talented, intuitive and down to earth woman. She is a safe haven for healing work.”

— lovingly submitted by Hillary Smith D.C., Sherman Oaks, CA


“Lisa identified within our first few sessions what my traditional therapist (who is very accomplished in his own right) had been blind to during the ten years of therapy I spent with him. What has been below the surface for 33 years is finally being unearthed. It’s as if I’m stepping out of a dark haze, guided by the powerful glow of my newly rediscovered heart. I knew there was something deeper within me, but I didn’t know how to access it. I’m starting to learn how, and I know without a doubt that my life is in the midst of a major transformation.”

— J.U., Los Angeles


“I had a traumatic leg injury and my rehab was proceeding slowly. Lisa made me relive the incident with such intensity that it broke the pattern of injury and allowed the real healing to begin. Lisa’s treatment made me stop thinking about an injured leg and starting thinking about healing – and that’s when my progress in physical therapy began to manifest itself. I hesitate to think how much longer the rehab process would have taken without Lisa’s intervention.”

— Joe Seta, Fort Bragg, California


“I return to work with you because you pay close attention, look complexly at my whole picture, trust your instincts, know your tools, never judge. I always feel movement.”

— DC, Los Angeles


“I have worked with Lisa off and on for two and a half years. It is always at my most troubled times that I see her. She has an uncanny understanding of the underlying reasons behind my feelings, and can easily communicate these.

In addition, the combination of discourse followed by “body work” is quite remarkable I hope that as I make my path through life, I can learn more, have a greater spiritual awareness, and become more of an evolved person. With Lisa’s help, the process is greatly facilitated. She has literally saved my life on more than one occasion. I am more grateful than I can say.”

— G.M., Van Nuys, California