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Dear Core Clients,

I am sending this email now, as I’m out of town from Aug 9-20th~
I’m doing SKYPE and some phone sessions during this time,
email me and we can set one up…

Otherwise, I’m working in Burbank on Friday Aug. 24th. for those of you who can easily get to Burbank!
and working normal days Tues, Wed Thurs Sat mornings, in the Marina office.

 have a fun August! and….

Take it easy in the heat, and remineralize(see below) as it is firey in our bodies around this time of year, which means we are drier than usual….

Hydrate, water, water and more water!

Hear from you soon!


unsulphured prunes, apricots, whichever you like-
one cup dried fruit
two cups of water
soak over night.
in the morning, stir the mixture, and drink the juice
refrigerate the fruit
eat with oatmeal, or on toast, or for a snack instead of sugary pick me ups… it helps the small intestines remineralize the body…
dried fruit has lots of minerals we need!

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It’s Summertime!

Waves, sun, BBQ’s lots of socializing… all good for the soul…

I will be working Tues, Wed, Thurs and one Sat. throughout July, except

July 11- 18th – will be venturing to Newport, Rhode Island for my first vacation of 2012.

I will be giving sessions at Core Conditioning in Burbank, Friday, July 27th.

Get a gift certificate for a friend in need of a session, for balancing emotions, or a tune up.

July Wisdom:

Forgiveness in it’s incorrect form is forgiving how people have treated you.

Forgiveness in its correct form is forgiving how people have acted against you because of their inability to relate to you properly.

Anything or anyone who interferes with your soul’s path, needs to be released with love…


Hope to see you soon!

Keep hydrated!


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Just a quick post:

I will be working at the Marina del Rey office

Tues, Wed, Thurs, & Sat June 23rd

Core Conditioning in Burbank Fri. June 15th


$150 for 60 min.

$225 for 90 min (couples)

SKYPE sessions are $155. for 60 min Paypal works! credit cards work!

Professional discounts available

Senior discounts $125

Student discounts $100

I do not turn away clients for lack of funds.

I look forward to hearing from you!




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Dear Fellow Healers, Practitioners, Teachers in the Healing Arts World, APTA, and my dear clients,

I have recently made a music video called Arlington, based on a true story of a mother who lost her son in Iraq in 2005-
and her journey not to forget him, visiting him at Arlington National Cemetery where she brings flowers and reads him his favorite childhood story.

I was inspired to write the song Arlington with my co writer, and late poet, Artie Colatrella (1953-2011) and produce the music video. We have recently connected to two non profit organizations:
The David Lynch Foundation (www.OperationWarriorWellness.org) – they teach TM (Transcendental Meditation which has proven to greatly diminish many if not all symptoms of PTSD  and www.GlobalStressInitiaive.org  which uses Cranial stimulation and other methodology to also help reduce Post Traumatic Stress-
both these organizations are dedicated to help support the servicemen and women coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Arlington is being premiered at Dances with Films Festival tomorrow,  Friday June 1st at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood at 2:45pm. You are all welcome to join us, watching it on the big screen!

Arlington was recently accepted into the Manhattan Film Festival.

Tom Jackman from the Washington Post said: ” Arlington is an Anthem for Our Generation”

All very exciting news.

I am very proud of this work -Arlington is merging my worlds of music and healing.

Please watch this music video, and if you’re moved to support the Arlington Project, please post it on facebook, share it with your mailing lists, pass it along…

Donations are available through paypal on the website:  http;//www.arlington-film.com

If you’d like to know more about the Arlington Project, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you~

Lisa Nemzo

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Happy First Day of May!

I will be working at Core Burbank on Friday May 11th.

Food News Flash: do your very best to buy organic at farmer’s market, while GMO has made inroads into Whole Foods, and most of our supermarkets… it makes a huge difference to eat food without pesticides instead of being chemically modified or irradiated.

Take good care of yourselves, play, take space, work, be in the present moment. Tell people you care about you love them.

Please let me know when you’d like to come in for an appointment.


Hear from you soon!


The major request for Islands to reconsider putting Thousand Island back on the menu


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"Look Ma, no bun!"

Welcome to Nemzotics!

Where healing from the inside out becomes a way of life…

I invite you to take some time and look through this new and wonderful website~


If you’re in a transition, a crossroads, in a rut, going in circles,

maybe it’s time for a tune up session so you can move forward onto a new path…


How do you get your brain to change? The mind needs to be interrupted, in a way that is subtle

yet purposeful!  Change the route you take to work, change your morning routine, change the way you enter the supermarket,  choose a different order inside the store, if you buy your veggies first, do them last. You can create a still point for your brain, so when you want to make serious changes, it is ready and your shift will be effortless.

Enjoy the spring weather, hydrate, exercise, breathe deeply and be kind to others- especially to yourself!

It’s a new day!

Hope to hear from you soon!