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Dear Core Clients,

I am sending this email now, as I’m out of town from Aug 9-20th~
I’m doing SKYPE and some phone sessions during this time,
email me and we can set one up…

Otherwise, I’m working in Burbank on Friday Aug. 24th. for those of you who can easily get to Burbank!
and working normal days Tues, Wed Thurs Sat mornings, in the Marina office.

 have a fun August! and….

Take it easy in the heat, and remineralize(see below) as it is firey in our bodies around this time of year, which means we are drier than usual….

Hydrate, water, water and more water!

Hear from you soon!


unsulphured prunes, apricots, whichever you like-
one cup dried fruit
two cups of water
soak over night.
in the morning, stir the mixture, and drink the juice
refrigerate the fruit
eat with oatmeal, or on toast, or for a snack instead of sugary pick me ups… it helps the small intestines remineralize the body…
dried fruit has lots of minerals we need!

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